PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Pinguin журнал Пингвин Oleg Pauya. Art
«I am proud of my team! We create our own fame. We cultivate beauty. We love music. We maintain an atmosphere of creativity».
«Pinguin». №4 (61), April 2013

PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Сольный концерт клуб Мулен Руж PALLADIUM Electric Band: it’s too cool for Minsk
«The Hall of the Moulin Rouge Club was burning with numerous lights. The show? Here it is, in its purest form».
News agency April 8, 2013

PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Сольный концерт клуб Мулен Руж Seeing. Hearing. Embracing
«… And they went up to the stage. They are the stars of the evening, and the whole room was filled with incredible energy flow of music».
Musecube. April 8, 2013

PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Сольный концерт клуб Мулен Руж Palladium Electric Band: three electric violins won Minsk audience
«Musicians have presented a rich program of arrangements of classic music and their own compositions».
Internet portal OPEN.BY. April 9, 2013

PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Сольный концерт клуб Мулен Руж The phenomenon of PALLADIUM Electric Band
«We are happy people. We can afford to play what we want».
Internet lounge of Youth Union. April 9, 2013

PALLADIUM Electric Band Олег Пауля Жизнь не бывает только сладкой 7 дней Oleg Paulya: «Life is never just sweet»
«Fear is needed to surpass yourself», — a well-known French actor Louis de Funes once said. I’m lucky. I was given another chance more than once».
The «7 Days» newspaper. № 28, July 12, 2012

PALLADIUM Electric Band звездный подарок АрселорМиттал Темиртау Казахстан Stars make a present
«The 20th anniversary of Independence of The Republic of Kazakhstan is a great occasion. And you made it unforgettable».
TV and radio comany SFERA. December 14, 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band Караганда Темиртау Morandi «А’Студио Казахстан» Invite! We will come!
«Noble stars from Europe – Morandi, «A’Studio» and PALLADIUM Electric Band – performed in Karaganda and Temirtau».
«Caravan». Republic newspaper. Kazakhstan. №52, December 29, 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band ЭШ №3 (35) PALLADIUM Electric Band
«We are complicated in detail. Much more complicated. But easier in perception. Much easier».
«ЭШ». №3 (35), Autumn 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band TAXI №8 (28) Big ambitions: PALLADIUM Electric Band
«We want to make tomorrow a better day».
«TAXI». №8 (28), August 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band musecube PALLADIUM Electric Band. In the rhythm of the twenty-first century
«Our world is a world without borders. We play instrumental music, which is understandable to all».
«Musecube». May 4, 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band godudu New international social network GODUDU.COM launched in Makhachkala
«The presentation began with a brilliant show: perfomance «PALLADIUM Electric Band» on the stage under the laser beams are lined up images that symbolize different countries».
«RIA Dagestan»

PALLADIUM Electric Band Dubai UAE Дубай ОАЭ When the stars light up
«The night started with a season premiere – a performance by PALLADIUM Electric Band. The atmosphere in the audience was truly festive. Just like in those rare occasions when real stars light up, sharing their light with the world, no bounaries and no exceptions».
«Russian Emirates». №42, March – April 2011

PALLADIUM Electric Band Dubai UAE Дубай ОАЭ PALLADIUM Violinist
«The string trio PALLADIUM Electric Band mesmerizes its audience with beauty and sexuality engaging to experience the eternal harmony of classical music, transformed into new, contemporary form».
«Aviamost. UAE»

PALLADIUM Electric Band Вечерний Минск Harmony of “PALLADIUM”
«Our music is unconventional, it is beyond race, color, social status, age, language boundaries and any obstacles».
«Vecherny Minsk»

PALLADIUM Electric Band Женский журнал PALLADIUM. New classic
«I am sure that show is the future of classical music».
«Women’s Magazine». №6. 2010

PALLADIUM Electric Band Cyprus PALLADIUM Electric Band visited Cyprus for an inauguration.
«The opening of Chill Out Bar & Grill was marked by a performance of a world-renowned trio from Belarus – PALLADIUM Electric Band. The guests were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected new interpretation of classical and rock music and undoubtedly spent an unforgettable evening».

PALLADIUM Electric Band Cyprus Кипр PALLADIUM Electric Band was invited to perform during Girne American University anniversary celebration.
«PALLADIUM Electric Band (Oleg Paulya, Alina Migas, Elena Paliakova) – a world-famous group that joined the celebration on occasion of Girne American University anniversary, gave all the music lovers lots of unforgettable moments. During the performance of the group, the classical and rock music of Vivaldi, Led Zepplin etc. gained a new interpretation and remained memorable for everyone».
«GAU Media»